2019 AIIC Training of Trainers – Teaching consecutive interpreting

February 22, 2019

2019 AIIC Training of Trainers – Teaching consecutive interpreting

Paris, France

Andy Gillies will give a Training of Trainers Seminar on...

Teaching Consecutive Interpreting: the first 6 months

This seminar will look at how the component skills that go to make up consecutive interpreting can be isolated and practised in isolation before being re-combined in the complex activity that is consecutive interpreting. The seminar will also discuss the order in which these skills might be tackled and the building of part of a syllabus.

Presentation, analysis, memory, note-taking and note-reading will all be addressed.

The seminar, through the exercises proposed as part of the above, will also look at techniques for increasing the efficiency of limited classroom hours and increasing motivation in the classroom.

Andy Gillies teaches at ISIT in Paris and is Coordinator of AIIC Training. He is author of Note-taking for Consecutive Interpreting and Conference Interpreting –A student’s practice book student’s practice book . He has translated J-F. Rozan's La Prise de Notes dans l'interpretation consecutive into English.

Practical information

Date: Friday 22nd (pm only), Saturday 23th & Sunday 24th (all day)
Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance and invoice from AIIC for each individual seminar attended. This seminar will be held in English.


Minimum number of participants: 10
Maximum number of participants: 16

Please complete the registration form here.

Cost of seminar

AIIC members:EUR 260 .-
Non-AIIC members: EUR 320.-

Cancellation policy

All AIIC courses are non-profit.

Courses will be confirmed when registration fees cover the costs of the course or cancelled at the latest 6 weeks before the date of the course.
Participants withdrawing before confirmation of the course will be refunded.
If the course is cancelled all participants will be refunded.
If a participant cancels after the course has been confirmed AIIC can only refund the course fee if costs are still covered.

Photo rights

AIIC reserves the right to use photos taken during the course for promotional purposes. Anyone who does not want their image used in this way is invited to mention this to in an email to the address above before the course.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with training@aiic.net

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