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Language Specialists
< $20,000

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The ideal candidate's competencies for language specialists job vacancies listed below are those on which you will be assessed on during a panel interview.

Skills & Requirements

  • 1. Professional Competence: Great interpreting/translating expertise and the ability to apply it effectively in the OECD work environment. Draft and translate quickly and write clearly and succinctly avoiding unnecessary jargon. Quick grasp of key issues and effective oral and written communication, accessible to non-native speakers. Tracking of important trends in the area of specialisation and display of consistent self discipline and reliability.
  • 2. Organisational Awareness: An understanding of the OECD’s international and institutional context and the ability to apply this knowledge to enhance the standard of language services delivered to clients.
  • 3. Professional Integrity: Demonstration of the highest professional values and standards: objectivity, independence, credibility, accuracy, rigour, confidentiality, discretion and ethical behaviour. Passion for languages and effective communication and a deep appreciation of its role in assuring OECD’s missions. Commitment to continual learning and improvement of professional and personal competencies.
  • 4. Team Work and Collegiality: Ability to work co-operatively and effectively in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams. Idea sharing, exchange of constructive comments with colleagues. Participation in the building of team spirit. Diplomatic disagreement and persuasion by reasons and arguments.
  • 5. Relationship Building: Ability to establish empathetic relationships based on an awareness and recognition of the values and perspectives of others in a multicultural environment. Listening skills. Non-hierarchical behaviour.
  • 6. Adaptability/Flexibility: Ability to anticipate and accept new demands and challenges, display metal agility and elasticity, work constructively under stress.
  • 7. Drive and Stamina: Persistence, task focus, high energy and constructive work in a stressful environment.
  • 8. Curiosity: Demonstrated interest in a wide range of subjects going beyond the immediate specialisation and work assignment. Active in professional networks/associations. A cultured individual with an intellectual curiosity.